An overnight in Farnborough

We stopped off for a brief visit to the small town of Farnborough, where Reuben’s friend Dilys and her brother John live. It was lovely to catch up with them – we enjoyed a walk by the canal, had dinner at a Nepali restaurant, were treated to a stay at the Ely hotel, visited the Farnborough museum and learned about the history of the area before and after the army made it a base.  We also saw a replica of the plane used by Samuel Cody in the first powered flight in Britain (and enjoyed the hilarious photo of his wife watching with her skirts tied as well as the video of the first flight).  It was really nice to spend time with such kind, caring people.


Reuben and Dilys by the canal


Reubs and me, Dilys and John eating yummy Nepali food


Reubs exploring the museum


A replica of the plane


Tying the skirts to watch the plane

One Comment Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Sounds really interesting! I guess tying up your skirts is a better option than having them blowing around your head 😀


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