A quick trip to Wales

In spite of a weather forecast predicting floods and storms, we decided to make a flying day trip to Wales with Ally and Charis.  Neither of us had been to Wales before, so we were excited to see some of the country.  We had time to see a couple of things before heading back to England before the bridge closed due to high winds.

Our first stop was Chepstow Castle, a beautiful castle dating back to around 1066. We had fun exploring the ruins!

Chepstow Castle


Karen, Charis and Ally exploring the grounds


Stone windows


Karen and Reubs exploring


Looking over the grounds


Our next stop in our day was to the gorgeous Tintern Abbey, built in 1131.  The abbey (pictured above)  is now in dramatic ruins – we were pretty much the only visitors and we loved exploring here before making a dash back to England.


The dramatic ruins


Inside the ruins


Wandering in the abbey


Tintern Abbey


Starting to rain now! Time to go…


Even though we only had a short time in Wales, we saw two beautiful places and would definitely be keen to go back.  We found out that the All Blacks were playing in Cardiff right after we were there…now that would be fun to go back to sometime!





5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Cool builldings! Will you get a chance to go back during your trip, or are you already planning for the next one? 😀


    1. Karen Olson says:

      Not going to get back on this trip…vaguely planning for future travel…


  2. Monica Drefs says:

    Looks incredible.


  3. murray says:

    Awesome photos of the abbey – so good you had it all to yourselves!


  4. mum bunn says:

    The abbey looks amazing. You should definitely see more of wales on your next trip!


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