About us


Karen & Reubs

We are Karen and Reuben, a couple in our early 30’s who have both lived and worked overseas, but for the last 5 years have been living in Auckland, New Zealand.  In 2012 we have resigned from our jobs, rented out our house and are setting off an adventure.  We want to see the world, visit friends and family, and where appropriate volunteer some of our skills and time as we explore whether we may eventually want to live outside New Zealand. Karen has a social work degree with a background working with children and families, and Reuben has an IT degree with a background in web design and development.  We are both followers of Jesus and we want to make a difference with our lives.  We have called our blog Meandering Kiwis as part of how we want to travel is take a relaxed, open approach to what we do and see (easier for Reuben than for Karen!)  We will be travelling on 1 way tickets with an openness to whatever lies ahead.

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