Piako visits Germany

Piako visited Germany at a very cold time of year – but he still loved the Berlin Wall.  He also like partying for pre-Carnival in Cologne!      

Piako in Ireland

While in Dublin, Piako visited the Guinness factory…as you do in Ireland!

Piako in Scotland

Piako visited the chilly Scotland and watched a beautiful sunset in Glasgow!

Piako in Wales

Piako took a quick trip to Wales to visit a castle.  It was windy and rainy, so Piako’s adventures in Wales were limited!      

Piako goes to Turkey

Piako really liked Turkey.  He got to explore the beautiful town of Side – he loved the ampitheatre and the beach! He also liked Goreme, where he got to stay in a cave and see “fairy chimney” rock formations.                            

Piako goes to Greece

Piako tried to take photos at the Acropolis in Athens…but after being shouted at by security decided it might be wiser to take photos from Lykavitos hill looking down on the Acropolis.  Fortunately there were no such restrictions on the island of Santorini!                        

Piako visits London

Piako loved London! His favourite place was the Tower of London – he had a lot of fun here!            

Piako goes to Iceland

Piako was outraged that we left him in the car when we went to see all the beautiful things in Iceland.  He managed his emotions by sampling the local alcohol, Brennivin!