Piako visits Niagara Falls

Piako was very excited to visit Niagara Falls!  He liked getting his picture taken by the falls as they were lit up at night.              

Piako makes some friends

After Piako left Canada, he went all through the USA…he survived a car crash and wound up visiting friends in Illinois! He had a lovely time with the Leman family.    

Piako goes to Canada

Piako went to Canada. He visited Vancouver Island and played with Reuben’s cousin Hannah.

Piako goes to Costa Rica

In the middle of his travels through the USA, Piako went on a trip to Costa Rica…mostly because his owners had to make a little visa run.  Piako made the most of this unexpected treat by finding another cow on a bus, sunbathing at the ocean and climbing palm trees!          

Piako goes to Hogwarts

Piako visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. He was very excited to see all the things he had read about.              

Piako in Mexico

Piako took it easy in Mexico – swimming, sunbathing and living it up! He loved the relaxing environment (even though we wouldn’t let him have any margaritas with us!)          

Piako in Ecuador

Piako made some very special friends in Ecuador – Julieta, Marialola and the rest of the group at Impacto Mundial who are making a difference and are interested in mission.  

Piako in Peru

Piako went to Peru and went to see the famous Machu Picchu. He was amazed by the view and loved climbing Huayana Picchu to appreciate it.