Piako goes to Hogwarts

Piako visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. He was very excited to see all the things he had read about.

Reuben and Piako look at the castle


Piako chills in the village


Piako is impressed by Honeydukes Sweets


Piako is horrified to see Shepherd's Pie on the menu


Piako in Hogsmeade


Piako gets into the Butterbeer



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  1. Aunty Moira says:

    Wot great fun, reminds me of the awesome day Ruth Jodi and me had at Disneyland in 1996.Hope you have a Happy Birthday on the 28th Reubs,all though it seems every day is like a birthday for you at the moment !!!
    lotsa love to you both from us both xoxo


  2. murray says:

    Piako is an animagus! I wondered how he managed to get around so easily around the world without raising suspicions (look theres a cow on the plane!). Hope he enjoyed hogwarts as much as you guys did.


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