Roasting marshmallows on Mt Olympos

Our next stop after Kas was the town of Olympos, where we stayed in a “tree house” (actually a bungalow – there is some rule about not building houses with foundations).  A vegetarian breakfast and dinner were included, which we don’t normally go for but made it a pretty good deal.


Our bungalow was called Bro’Town. Love it!


View from the entrance

When we arrived, we headed down to the beach – about a 20 minute walk from our Treehouse.  There, we found out that the way to the beach is a river filled with Lycian ruins. The next day we bought a ticket that let us come back multiple times over the next few days.

We spent our first full day picnicking on the beach, swimming and reading until the sun went behind the hill at about 3.30pm.


Lunch on the beach


Beautiful view down the beach


On our second day, we explored the ruins on the right hand river side.  Because the ruins are pretty overgrown and jungly, we kind of felt like Indiana Jones!


Exploring in the jungle


After some swimming and relaxing, we set off on our next adventure – walking to the Chimera.  You can do tours at some times of the year but as we were there in low season our guest house wasn’t running a tour.  After walking to the beach, then to the next village, then to the bottom of the Chimera we figured we had covered about 7km – as the sun set, we climbed the last kilometre up the hillside to see the Chimera.


Chimera flames


Pretty impressive!


The Chimera is a group of natural flames on the slopes of Mt Olympos that come out of the hillside. It is pretty odd to see so many fires around. Luckily, we had come prepared with marshmallows, so we roasted ourselves up a snack. Unluckily Reubs managed to burn himself on hot marshmallow!


Reubs roasting marshmallows


Our way back was in the pitch black, so we were pretty grateful to be offered a ride back to the far end of the beach.  From there it felt much easier to hike back to the treehouse!

On our last day we saw the remainder of the ruins before taking a final dip in the ocean and catching a bus to Side.


Mt Olympos in the distance


Reubs making friends while exploring


Giant archway in the ruins




Hard to leave this beach!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. hayley says:

    Nice – how do the natural flames happen?


  2. Karen Olson says:

    Mostly Methane I think 🙂 you could definitely smell some kind of gas!


  3. Kate says:

    Very cool! Roasting marshmallows seems like the best use of natural flames 😀


  4. murray says:

    Those natural fires are so cool! Nice beaches as well. Continue the adventure. : shona hoped reubs had his tetnus jab up to date. I had to remind her that you were holding a placid cat and not an angry tiger!


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