An unexpected city

We arrived in Side later than we had planned due to some buses going less often than we had thought, but feeling positive.  This feeling was somewhat challenged when we carefully followed the map provided by only to end up staring at an empty field.  We tried calling the hotel. No answer. We asked for directions but misunderstood them and wandered in circles.  Finally after about 40 minutes of wandering in the dark we found our hotel…no-one there! We sat outside and waited for another 20 minutes until the owners showed up…happily since they were feeling apologetic they let us keep our room until 6pm the following day, which was great as it left us a whole day to explore Side!


The field by day. Imagine our distress!


We hadn’t planned on this but our first stop was a barber for Reuben.  He just needed a simple cut but this led to some highlights:

  • How many times have you had a haircut with a cat called Monkey sitting on your lap?
  • Apple tea for me while I waited. (None offered to Reubs for some reason).
  • The look of terror on Reuben’s face when they literally brought out a cotton ball dipped in meths and set it on fire to burn away his ear and nose hairs. I am kicking myself that I don’t have a photo of this moment!
This video should help you get the feel of it (again sadly not Reubs).

After this unplanned excitement, we headed into Side, a coastal town.  We had thought we were coming to a little town with a couple of things to see. We were totally not expecting everything we found!


Fountain outside of the gates


Colonnaded street


Walking down the main road to the old town, we saw the old fountain, gate and city wall, colonnaded streets, an old hospital, the agora and the amazing theatre.


View from the old hospital


Reubs outside the agora with theatre in the background


Us at the theatre


It was such a beautiful city with so many ruins to explore – we hadn’t realised it would be on such a big scale!


Turkish coffee after lunch


After lunch, we wandered by the ocean to see the temple of Apollo and the temple of Athena before jumping in for a swim on the beach.  We then headed back to catch our overnight bus to Goreme in Cappadocia.


Temple of Apollo




Sunset in the ruins


3 Comments Add yours

  1. hayley says:

    I watched the clip – hat is CRAZY!!! But probably quite effective!


  2. Kate says:

    Wow, that must have been awful! But it looks like it was worth it in the end, especially the exciting haircut.


  3. Julie Bunnell says:

    What an amazing city Side turned out to be… despite the less than auspicious start with your hotel (not) in the field. The extent of the old city is pretty amazing. Especially like the temple of Apollo with the ocean behind it…


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