Washington D.C

We had a great three days in the USA’s capital city.  My mum is from this area and as children my brother and I really enjoyed visiting here. I was eager to share it with Reuben!  We stayed with my friend Sam and his wife Jean, and really appreciated their hospitality.  Some of our highlights in Washington D.C were:

Visiting the Museum of the American Indian. This is a beautifully done museum that really tries to take stories of the different tribes and tell them in the tribes’ own voices.


Museum of the American Indian


Challenging image from the Museum of the American Indian


Taking a tour of the Capitol building and learning more about the US Government processes.  We loved being there outside the busy time – we could walk right into a free tour!


Karen and the Capitol


Seeing the White House and the peace protest outside of it (the longest running peace protest in the USA, lasting over 20 years and the only one now allowed outside the White House). We had an interesting chat to the guy who was manning the 24 hour a day protest.


Peace protest in front of the White House


Visiting St John’s church, the official church of the president.


The president’s pew


Spending time at the Holocaust memorial museum, one of the most moving museums I have ever been to. Very interactive and heartbreaking. No photos were allowed inside so it is hard to convey… check it out here if you want to learn more.


Outside of the museum


Touring the National Gallery of Art and Sculpture Garden, where we visited some of my favourite paintings and also saw an exhibit by George Bellows.


One of my favourite paintings
Sculpture garden


Reuben and the Rabbit


Having dinner with Sam and his sister Laura at an Ethiopian restaurant then watching the first presidential debate at a bar. It was so great connecting with old friends. (Sam and Laura are the children of Carolyn and Dan, who we stayed with in Chicago).


Me, Laura and Sam
Watching the debate in a bar


Visiting the US History Museum.  This was one of my favourite museums when I was little, but it was a little bit disappointing this time with lots of exhibits closed for renovations.


Kermit in the Museum of US History
Karen delivering a presidential address

Washington D.C is really amazing. The history, the culture and the fact that so many museums and monuments are free to visit make it a fascinating city to explore – we had a great time. Monuments to follow in the next post!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mum Bunn says:

    YAY FOR WASHINGTON! Gets my vote for best hometown in the world.


  2. Claire says:

    Karen for President!!!


    1. Shones says:

      You’d get my vote, Karen 🙂


  3. Kate says:

    Wow, both the American Indian Museum and the Holocaust Museum sound absolutely fascinating and challenging. Hope I’ll get to go there one day!


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