Monuments and Memorials

We spent a day touring the most famous monuments in Washington D.C, including:

  • The Washington Monument
The reflecting pool


The Washington Monument


  • World War II memorial
View from beside the WWII memorial


  • Vietnam war memorial
  • Lincoln memorial
Reubs and the Lincoln memorial



Mr Lincoln


Place on the steps where Martin Luther King Jr delivered his famous speech


  • Korean war memorial
Korean war memorial


  • Franklin Delano  Roosevelt memorial (our favourite for its words and design)
FDR memorial


FDR quote


  • The new Martin Luther King Jr memorial
MLK Jr memorial


  • The Jefferson memorial.
Washington has so many monuments to take in, and it was a really lovely walk visiting these places.  We couldn’t go up the Washington monument as there has been earthquake damage, so my record of visiting multiple times over the past 20 years and never going up remains intact!

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  1. Kate says:

    That’s a lot of monuments! I especially like the FDR quote.


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