From Mexico City we took a bus out to Teotihuacan – an incredible complex of pyramids and buildings built between from about 150 B.C to 200 A.D. It is  located about 50km from the city. At its height it was one of the biggest cities in the world until its collapse around 8 A.D.   It We started by exploring the Citadel area.

Heads at the Citadel


At the Citadel

We then walked down the Avenue of the Dead and climbed the Pyramid of the Sun for a view of the whole area. It was stunning but would maybe have been a touch more harmonious if we hadn’t been hot and hungry! We saw people doing some kind of chanting on the top of the pyramid – apparently a lot of people feel that there is a spiritual element here.

Temple of the Sun


Looking down from Temple of the Sun


View of Temple of the Moon from Temple of the Sun


After lunch we climbed the Pyramid of the Moon and looked through some of the other buildings before heading back to go out for more delicious food with Chiquis.  The complex was so interesting and so vast in scale – really incredible to walk through.




Reuben pointing to the Temple of the Sun


Looking down the complex

4 Comments Add yours

  1. murray says:

    Awesome ruins and great photos. Looks like a long way to walk around.


  2. Kate says:

    Wow, it looks amazing there! I especially like the heads (:


  3. Lachlan says:

    Chiquis took me here on my first trip to Mexico, back over New Year 1998/99. It’s one of those things that’s even better than you can imagine.


  4. Julie Bunnell says:

    Looks hot and dry! I’ve also been to Teotihuacan … but not with Chiquis.


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