Shaking Santiago de Chile

After Easter, we headed back up to Santiago, where we have been for about a week (with a side trip to Valparaiso which I will write about separately.) We have loved staying with our friends Patrick and Trini, and being based at their apartment.  Some of the highlights of our time in Santiago have been:

  • Spending time with Patrick and Trini
  • Exploring the central city – la Moneda, a sculpture exhibition of the signs of the cross that we stumbled on, the Cathedral Metropolitano and Plaza de Armas
Downtown Santiago


Stations of the Cross
  •  Taking the funicular up Cerro San Cristobal for an amazing view of the city
Reuben at the top of Cerro San Cristobal

There have also been a few challenges here! Some of these have been:

  • Sickness – I had such a bad headache one day I had to stay in bed all day, and both Reuben and I have bad colds which are depleting our energy.
  • Having to find ways to fix things – the zip on my brand new pack and our camera both managed to break. It’s a lot more challenging finding repair places in a city you don’t know while trying to speak another language.
  • I have felt frustrated that we haven’t seen as much as we wanted to due to spending time on the above two items!
And the shaking? Well, that was a 6.7 earthquake, 112km away and 37km deep. We experienced it from the 14th story in Trini and Patrick’s apartment – the building shook and swayed for nearly a minute. Pretty freaky!  It definitely gave me a whole new appreciation for the people of Christchurch!

Overall, we have had a great time here. Our next stop is San Pedro de Atacama – a 24 hour bus ride away. We hope to explore the desert and would like to do a tour to Bolivia to see the Salt Flats of Uyuni. Internet access is likely to be limited, so we will update you as and when we can.


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  1. Kate says:

    Hope you’re both feeling better. And try not to have any more earthquakes, okay? 😛


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