Leaving on a jet plane…don’t know when we’ll be back again…

It has been a busy last few days in New Zealand! After our South Island travels we spent some time in Palmerston North which was slightly less fun than expected given that I (Karen) had to go to the dentist two days running. Getting fillings makes me feel woozy, tired and pretty pathetic – so we didn’t catch up with as many people as we had hoped, but did still spend some quality time with our families.  We were scheduled to come back to Auckland by the end of the day on Thursday 1 March, but after our car had broken down twice and the 7 hour trip had turned into a 17 hour trip we were grateful to make it at all and tried not to worry too much about it being two am! Luckily the friends we stayed with are like family and so were very understanding.

The next few days were pretty busy. It’s hard to explain what takes time when we aren’t working – sorting out last minute things to buy, getting final vaccinations, visiting people, storing things under our house (currently rented out), getting haircuts…it doesn’t seem like a lot but somehow our list of things to do kept us hopping!

Reuben and Karen with our luggage


One of the most special things for us was farewelling our church community. We have been part of a house church for a number of years now and have felt loved and connected to the people there. We were able to say goodbye to them on Sunday and reflect a little on the adventure that lies ahead for us and for our friends this year as we talked about the challenges of questing through life, growing and changing and seeing our blind spots. I think that one of the biggest challenges for me (Karen) will be taking things one day at a time…and challenging myself each time I find myself getting stressed out about something minor to think…”Will this matter in a week?” Hopefully this will help me to stay more in the moment and gain perspective.

We fly to Dubai on March 6 for a four night stopover – this was actually just as cheap as flying straight there on Aerolineas Argentinas (which has a horrible reputation) and this way we get to fly Emirates. We are already picking out all of the newly released movies we plan on watching in our two flights to Dubai (all up, about 20 hours flying time!)

Farewell dinner with our close friends Murray and Shona

PS…posting this as we board our plane!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Dammit, now I have the song in my head!

    Hope you guys have a great flight, and that this is the beginning of an amazing year for you. I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you ❤


  2. Kyra Ukott says:

    Have a great trip guys. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures and hopefully seeing you when you are in Europe.



  3. Len McGrane says:

    Have a GREAT adventure, guys! Stopping in India, etc?


  4. Wow! Amazing website by the way, I love it. I’m excited to follow you all around the world. When you make it to Texas you gotta let me know! Reuben its been years since I’ve seen you, and Karen we’ve never met but I love you. Blessings on your journey!


  5. Karen Olson says:

    Thanks guys! Yes, we will be stopping in India and Texas, as well as the UK…right now adjusting to not speaking Spanish in South America!


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