Some travel statistics – part 1

We have been looking back at our trip and decided it might be interesting to do some facts and figures! I will do separate posts on budget, packing, insurance etc for anyone who is interested but here are some initial statistics on where and how we slept:

Nights away from New Zealand:  650 nights

Countries visited:  41

Continents visited: 5 – South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia

Number of beds slept in: 220

Different kinds of accommodation stayed in: (there were 23 different types!)

  • Staying with friends:  202 nights (31.08%)
  • Hotel/motel: 105 nights (16.15%)
  • Renting a whole apartment with Airbnb: 80 nights (12.31%)
  • Hostel with a private room: 73 nights (11.23%)
  • Guesthouse (like a hostel but usually without a kitchen): 42 nights (6.46%)
  • Renting a room in someone’s apartment with Airbnb: 25 nights (3.85%)
  • Camping in our tent: 23 nights (3.54%)
  • Overnight buses: 20 nights (3.08%)
  • Staying with extended family: 17 nights (2.62%)
  • Bunk on an overnight train: 10 nights (1.54%)
  • Hut: 8 nights (1.23%)
  • Apartment: 7 nights (1.08%)
  • Ashram: 7 nights (1.08%)
  • Overnight plane flights: 6 nights (0.92%)
  • Treehouses: 6 nights (0.92%)
  • Hostel in a shared dorm: 4 nights (0.62%)
  • Houseboat: 2 nights (0.31%)
  • Felucca: 2 nights  (0.31%)
  • Cave: 2 nights  (0.31%)
  • Overnight ferry: 2 nights  (0.31%)
  • Fort palace: 2 nights  (0.31%)
  • Floor of an airport: 2 nights  (0.31%)
  • Safari camp: 2 nights  (0.31%)
  • Train seat: 1 night  (0.15%)

Total nights sleeping on public transport or at an airport:  41 (that’s more than a month!)

Cheapest night’s accommodation that we paid for was Olly’s Place, Kampot, Cambodia at $5.81 NZD for 2 people per night (pictured above).

Most expensive night’s accommodation that we paid for was either Neemrana Fort Palace in India at $107 NZD a night including breakfast or Nautibeach Condos on Isla Mujeres at $123 NZD a night.




Nautibeach Condos
Nautibeach Condos


We were able to save so much money using Airbnb and would totally recommend this as an alternate to staying in hostels through Europe. We enjoyed meeting new people through this experience and the freedom it allowed us to cook our own food, which was a huge money saver. Plus, we got to stay in beautiful apartments and avoid dorms – a win/win! They were especially good value when we travelled with our mothers or with other people as then the cost per person came down even further.

When we sat down to work out these statistics we were once again reminded of the incredible generosity of our friends and family around the world. We were so thankful to get to share life with our friends overseas, to see things through the lenses of locals and we were blown away by the hospitality shown to us.

To Patrick, Trini, Benjamin, Gladys, Bronwyn, Julietta, Rosa, Katie, Travis, Danny, Lori, Abigail, Benjamin, Clark, Liz, Leslie, Jeanine, Eddie, Patricia, Cathy, Dennis, Matt, Michelle, Nicole, Josiah, Monica, Hannah, Julie, Dave, Georgia, Angie, Todd, Brennan, Zion, Carson, Wesley, Jamie, Bridger, Laurie, Josh, Janet, Jeff, Cameron, Cosette, Connor, Calvin, Dan, Carolyn, Stephen, Becky, Aleshia, Tiffany, Tyler, Trevor, Aletta, Sam, Jean, Joe, Anne, Aidan, Christopher, Olivia, Ally, Paul, Charis, Dilys, John, Laura, Ian, Claire, Mark, Elaine, Ben, Katie, Sam, Nicole, Lucia, Edwina, Ebenezer, Andy, Halina, Emily, Matthew, Nathan, Irina, Jasmin, Benjamin, Ivy, Liya, Shobit, Preeti, Steve, Leslie, Micah, Alison, Pip, Sungil, Shannon, Dinesh, Anna Grace, Joshua, Isabella, Maree, Tabea, Claire, Doug, Oliva and Sacha

Thank you so much for having us to stay in your homes!!!

We love you and you are always welcome to come visit us in New Zealand!!




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  1. Mum Bunn says:

    Love this post… but then I am a sucker for statistics!!


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