The torrential rains of Bristol

We flew back from Turkey into the rain and cold of England…upon arriving in Bristol we realised we had touched down in the middle of flooding! However, that didn’t stop us from having a great time with Reuben’s friends Ally and Paul and their daughter Charis.  We spent a day exploring Bristol, and in amongst dashing through the raindrops we went to The New Room, the oldest Methodist Chapel in the world.


The New Room


We also visited the Clifton Suspension Bridge and walked across it through the wind and the rain- this was a challenge but worth it.


Reubs, Ally and Charis at the bridge


At the bridge in the rain


After that, we were ready to be inside, so headed to explore the S.S Great Britain.  This ship was really cool – we were able to explore the dry dock, learn about the history of the boat, dress up in period clothes, and wander through the incredibly authentic recreation on board the ship (right down to the smells of baking bread, horses on board and vomit…could have done without that last one!)


SS Great Britain


In the dry docks under the boat


Learning to steer


Reubs in the bunks in 3rd class


Dressed up to emigrate!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Bit of a change from Turkey! You guys look adorable in your costumes – love Reubs’ hat 🙂


  2. murray says:

    Did reubs crash the boat? Looks wet but cool!


  3. Kyra Ukott says:

    How do you know Paul & Ally? I met Paul when I went to Holy Trinity Brompton.


    1. Karen Olson says:

      Reubs knows Ally from living in India 🙂


  4. Julie Bunnell says:

    You are great models for how to have fun on a wet day! Love that emigration dress. BTW, why is the New Room called new when it’s really old?


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