We managed to take the looooong way to Rhodes…one of the things about travelling off season in Greece is the ferries don’t run as often or as directly.  Our trip to Rhodes took from 3am until about midnight…quite a long time to be on a ferry, but at least it was a fairly comfortable one.  We were excited when we arrived to have stumbled on daylight savings ending – got to love an extra hour of sleep after an epic journey!

When we did get up and going, we walked down to Rhodes Old Town, one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. Entering through one of the multiple gates, it looked like we had stepped back into the past.


Reubs at the gate


Our first stop was the Grand Master’s Palace. Here, we happily discovered that we had stumbled on a national holiday, so everything was free. We had fun exploring the courtyard and seeing the beautiful mosaics.


The Grand Master’s palace


Beautiful floor mosaics


Amazing details


We then walked down the street of the Knights and saw the inns where the knights used to hang out.


Street of the Knights


Our next stop was the Anthropological museum – happily also free!  The building is a beautiful former hospital and we spent a long time wandering around the exhibits.  This meant that souvlaki and gelato were needed!

Aphrodite of Rhodes


We met our food needs sitting outside a beautiful little fountain, admiring the gorgeous day.


Lunchtime view


From there we strolled past an ancient church, the city wall, and through the less touristy part of Old Town to see some of the mosques from the outside.


View through the city wall


Reubs in Old Town


City wall from the outside


We think this mosque was no longer in use

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  1. Kate says:

    Knights and castles – cool!


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