A few days in London

We arrived in London a little weary after our Icelandic adventures, so we took our first day rather sedately.  We plan to come back to London later in our travels, so we relaxed and enjoyed what we could.  We stayed with a friend of my parents’ in Clapham, and so spent our first day walking around Clapham, seeing the church where William Wilberforce attended and enjoying Clapham Common.


William Wilberforce’s church


A brisk afternoon on Clapham Common


On our second day we spent the day on the South Bank of London.  Our first stop was the Tate Modern, where we saw the final day of an excellent Edvard Munch exhibit and also explored the new area, “The Tanks”.  After a tasty lunch next door to the new Globe theatre, we walked over the Millenium Bridge to St Paul’s cathedral, where we were able to enter for free (due to it being a Sunday) but not take photos.  Both Reubs and I had been before, but it was lovely to see it again.


Millenium Bridge with St Paul’s in the background


Our next stop was a walk which took in the Bishop of Winchester’s Palace, a reproduction of Sir Francis’ Drake’s ship the Golden Hind, and Southwark Cathedral, the oldest cathedral church building in London.  We then headed over to see the original grounds of the Globe theatre before calling it a day.


Ruins in the city


The Golden Hind. I would not want to be exploring the world on something that size!


Southwark Cathedral


On our third day in London we went to the Tower of London, where we spent hours taking a tour with one of the “Beefeaters”, seeing the Crown Jewels, walking the walls and enjoying the exhibits detailing the torture and imprisonment that happened within the Tower.  We had intended to also visit the Tower Bridge but spent so long at the Tower of London that we will have to go back and do that!

Reubs and an original Roman wall outside the tower


A Beefeater giving a tour


Looking over to the Tower Bridge


A dragon made from weaponry inside the White Tower


Looking back at the White Tower


Reuben under attack


I think I would like to own a crossbow


After our full day, we headed out with our friend to a film festival film that left me moved and appreciative of such an incredible film – it’s a total must see called “Beasts of the Southern Wild”.  Then, it was off to bed before another early start – our flight to Athens.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    I loved London when I was there. Glad you guys had a good time there.

    You look great with a crossbow!


  2. Monica Drefs says:

    I am overcome with jealousy.


  3. Julie Bunnell says:

    Golly, you fit a lot into your short stay in London! I am — as always — impressed by your energy and your enthusiasm for discovering new places, and rediscovering “old friends”.


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