We had three and a half days in Boston.  I had been there once before and Reubs had never been so we were excited to visit this historic city.   We decided to try a new style of accommodation – AirBNB. It’s a cross between couchsurfing and traditional bed and breakfast. We stayed with a great couple – Jez and Ken, who were so welcoming and even gave us a tour around Winthrop where they lived. We are going to look into using this more through Europe as for two of us it is cheaper than a hostel!

On our first day we arrived and went on a tour with Ken around Winthrop.  There are beautiful views over to the city of Boston and we really loved seeing this different part to the city.


Looking out to the city


Enjoying our tour

On our second day we did the historic Freedom Trail, which takes you through parts of Boston that are particularly connected to the American Revolution.  We started from the Boston Common past churches and graveyards, meeting halls and the site of the first school in the USA, and had lunch at historic Faneuil Hall.


Wandering the graveyard


In Faneuil Hall


Where history was made in Faneuil Hall


Our trail then took us to Paul Revere’s home, to the historic North Church, for a walk around the ship the USS Constitution and finished with a walk up Bunker Hill.

North Church


Awesome story here. This was meant for a church in Canada, until a pirate seized it and thought it would look better in his own church…and the church kept it!


USS Constitution


Reuben on attack


Bunker Hill monument


On our third day we went to Salem (more in the next post) and on our last day we caught the ferry from Winthrop to Boston, giving us some great views of the city from a totally different perspective.

On the ferry


We then walked over to Mike’s Pastry and sampled some of their famous Cannoli before catching a T train up to Harvard University and doing a free tour around this historic university.






After some relaxing on the lawns at Harvard, we went to Fenway Park and watched the Red Sox playing a game of baseball. They also had a parade with the World Series winners of 2004.  Sadly they lost the game we saw, but it was still great to watch such a famous team play!

In the action


Enjoying the game

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  1. Kate says:

    Ooh, the Freedom Trail sounds really interesting!


  2. Julie Bunnell says:

    Fabulous post for a fabulous city! You really make it come alive.


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