Niagara Falls

Our next stop on our trip was Boston, however to get there we had to go through Niagara Falls.  Our bus arrived at 10.45 am and left at 12.20 am, so we figured 14 hours was more than enough time to explore!  We walked down the main road towards the Rainbow Bridge, stopping to admire the views of the falls as they came closer and closer.


Falls on the USA side


Falls on the Canada side


We had beautiful weather all the way to the Stone Table lookout, where it began to rain just as we arrived undercover for lunch.  Helpfully, the rain stopped just after lunch so we could admire the view again.  As we had both previously been on the Maid of the Mist boat that goes below the falls we decided to instead take the “Journey Behind the Falls” and walked down behind the waterfall. The force of the water and spray made us glad of our yellow rain ponchos we had been given!  It was a unique view of the falls that really made us appreciate their power.


View from the Stone Table


Behind the falls


Loving those raincoats!


View from the bottom


For the rest of the afternoon and evening we relaxed, drank coffee and used the free wifi, grabbed some dinner and then strolled back to the bus station.  We were able to see the falls lit up for night time, which was quite a contrast to their day look.


Rainbow in the falls


Falls lit up at night


The only negative part of the day was when we realised we had just got back to the bus station before it closed, which was really good as we could get our things out of the locker. However, it was also not so great…as it meant that we then had two hours to sit waiting outside for the bus with all of our belongings. For some reason I had thought that the bus station might stay open as long as buses were still going but this was incorrect!  After a few minutes of sulking, I was distracted by good music, a few more layers of clothes, and watching the antics of a very drunk girl and her boyfriend’s efforts to get her to sober up!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Amazing pics! You guys are adorable in your yellow raincoats ❤


  2. Lachlan says:

    I remember going behind the falls when we were 11 years old. In retrospect, it’s kind of a strange and fantastical tourist attraction… not unlike that Swiss adventure through the mountain to Jungfraujoch train station!


  3. Julie Bunnell says:

    You really made the most of your stopover time! Was lovely to see all your photos of the falls… the rainbow one is especially clever.
    I had to smile about the bus station closing — just like New Zealand!!


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