Portland, Oregon

From Pacific City we headed to Portland to stay with our new friends Angie, Todd, Zion and Brennan. We met them at the Wild Goose festival and were really blessed to be able to stay with them  for a few days – thanks guys!


Feasting on Indian food


Some of the highlights of our time in Portland were:

  • Going to hear different musicians play and share songs of justice
  • Going to the Bridge church and experiencing a different way of doing church and worship.  Imagine a service where everyone can grab a drum and be part of creating, where food is distributed to the community after every service and where questions are encouraged during teaching…we loved being part of this.
Our awesome new friends

Spending hours at Powells Bookstore – a multiple story bookstore that stretches over a block and serves amazing coffee. I told Reuben that I wanted to live in Powells!


In Powells

Hanging out with our friends, having deep conversations and experiencing our first taste of Voodoo Donuts.


Eating a “C&B” at Voodoo Donuts


Sweet goodness


Strolling through the rose gardens and relaxing.


In the roses


Reubs makes a friend

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Lmao at those donuts – dodgy much?! 😀

    The church sounds really interesting, I’m looking forward to hearing more about it next time I see you.


  2. Aunty Moira says:

    Those donuts pure calories !!! Wanna visit that bookshop !My kinda place!!


  3. Julie Bunnell says:

    Donut photography could be your new forte! Combined with garden photography… what’s not to like?


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