Charlotte, North Carolina

After Wild Goose, we headed to Charlotte, North Carolina and stayed with Reuben’s good friend from India, Patricia.  We spent some time in Charlotte recovering from our camping, relaxing and reconnecting with Patricia.  We went with Patricia to the Billy Graham library – this is Billy Graham’s childhood house, as well as a museum that tells the story of his life and his ministry. It was really interesting going to the library so soon after Wild Goose – quite a different theological approach, and good to keep thinking through faith and what it means in the world.

Patricia and Reuben at Billy Graham library


Billy Graham’s house where he grew up


While we were in Charlotte we also celebrated Reuben’s birthday – we had a pretty mellow day with a swim at a nearby lake and southern barbecue food for dinner.

Swimming at the lake


Reuben with his birthday goodies


With Patricia and Piako



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie Bunnell says:

    Mmm, summertime in North Carolina. Could you send a bit of the sunshine and warmth to Aotearoa?


  2. Aunty Moira says:

    Nana wanted me to tell you she has seen Billy Graemes museum and childhood home on a DVD and is thrilled youve been there !


  3. Kate says:

    Happy (belated) birthday Reuben! ❤


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