Gente Maravillosa

One of the highlights of our time in Ecuador was spending time with people and experiencing the different ministry work that Julieta is involved in. On Sunday morning we went to hear her preach at a little church that met in a temporary building which they are using while they get funds to build a building. It was really neat to be part of this congregation and to share communion with them.   We then headed back to Guayaquil and attended an English home church, where we learned about some of the missionaries in Ecuador who were killed while trying to connect with a tribal group. We then went to meet with some more of Julieta’s friends who are working in a church plant and had just celebrated their third year of being together. It was so cool to see how Julieta is working with different people to support them in their work.

At church in Salinas


On Monday we had the opportunity to share with a special group of people called Impacto Mundial – World Impact. This is a group of mostly young people who are interested in exploring mission and serving in other countries. Reuben and I were able to share our own experiences of living overseas and to encourage them in their journeys.  It was really exciting for us to spend time with young people who were passionate about making a difference with their lives. Traditionally Ecuador has been a country where missionaries have gone to – it is really cool to see it now becoming an active sending country.

Impacto Mundial


We feel so privileged to have spent time with Julieta, Marialola and their friends. We were blown away by their hospitality and generosity, amazed at their energy and the pace that they go at, and inspired by their passion for making a difference. Gracias amigos para todos!

Julieta and Reuben


Squishing into the taxi with Karen, Julieta and Marialola



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  1. Kate says:

    Lmao, you took the creepy cow with you?!

    Sounds like an awesome time, I’m glad you got to share stuff with other people who are passionate in their ministries.


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