After a sad goodbye to our friend Bron, we took a 22 hour bus ride to Lima. This was originally just to break up the trip to Ecuador, but we wound up having a fun time.  We stayed in Miraflores and enjoyed a relaxing couple of days in Lima. Some of our highlights were:

Wandering around Miraflores and watching the people parasailing off the cliffs and floating above the ocean. I hadn’t really realised Lima was on the coastline in quite such a dramatic way!

The cliffs at Miraflores
Para-sailing over the cliffs


At the Parque del Amor

Finding awesome coffee at Café Z and relaxing in this funky café. (Reubs also enjoyed the cheesecake here!)

Karen enjoying good coffee

Visiting the centre of town – the Plaza de Armas (every city we go to seems to have a Plaza de Armas), the San Franciscan church and crypts with piles of bones and skulls – a little creepy!

Plaza de Armas


San Franciscan Church

Exploring the wonderful Museo Larco with its collection of art work dating back to pre Inca times.

At Museo Larco
At the museum


Meeting up with a new friend from a mission agency and hearing about the work that is happening in Lima and the awesome resources being produced in Spanish. (

All things considered, Lima wasn’t my (Karen) favourite city, but it was still interesting to visit.


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  1. Julie Bunnell says:

    Lima looks more interesting than I had imagined… well, actually, I did not know much about Lima so had not really imagined anything! As a young person I always thought it was a little odd that the capital of Peru had the same name as a bean. Those cliffs look very impressive. So does the jewellry at the museum. So does Karen enjoying her coffee!


  2. Kate says:

    The museum looks fascinating! I don’t know anything about Lima other than that it exists, so this was really interesting.


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