Cusco (also spelled Cuzco or Qusqu) is a great town, located high in the mountains (at around 3400 metres). We were really grateful to be able to stay with our friend Bronwyn there and have an insider’s view to Cusco.   Some of the highlights of our stay were:

Hiking up the hill near to Bron’s house to explore the Temple of the Moon,  other ruins and walking over to Cristo Blanco (a giant statue of Jesus).

Karen and Bron resting along the way
Reuben chilling
Temple of the Moon
Cristo Blanco
Bron, Karen and Reuben in Temple of the Moon

Exploring Cusco – the beautiful Plaza de Armas, finding a random street fair, seeing dancers at the Plaza San Blas, and looking through the Mercado.

View of Cusco
Dancers at Plaza San Blas

Learning more about the Incas through climbing the Inca Tower and visiting the Inca Museum (as well as being slightly traumatised by the mummies there!)

Inca Tower
View from the tower

Spending time with Bron and her friends as we ate at some amazing restaurants like Indigo, Los Perros, Sumac and the fabulously named Indian restaurant Korma Sutra.  It was so fun to see Bron and enjoy time with a friend.

Karen and Bron enjoying Pisco Sours

Planning to go salsa dancing but instead randomly finding riot police on every corner when we exited the restaurant – there was no salsa dancing that night! (Sadly, the photos we tried to take low key on our phone didn’t come out so well!)

Karen and Reuben in Cusco

We had an awesome time with a fabulous host – Cusco was great! Our only lowlight was a day in bed with suspected food poisoning…but we are feeling like we were pretty fortunate to go two months with this being our first day of tummy issues!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie Bunnell says:

    Such happy photos! I can see that you had a wonderful time in Cusco — and that Bron was a wonderful tour guide. The city looks really interesting, and the Inca influence would be fascinating.


  2. Becs says:

    You have matching t-shirts – love it 🙂


  3. Lachlan says:

    The Latinos love their statues of Maria and Jesus, don’t they!


  4. murray says:

    Looks like a comfy stone couch reubs! Cool photos and glad you are enjoying the journey so far!


  5. Kate says:

    Those ruins look awesome. Glad you had a great time with Bron!


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