Before you go overseas, see your own country…

Before we leave in March, Reuben and I wanted to travel around the South Island of New Zealand. I lived in Dunedin for two years and have been to most of the South Island visiting family, friends and being a tourist, but Reuben had only ever been to a few places in the South Island. Living most of our lives in the North Island means that we have covered the highlights there, but decided to take a month to explore the South Island. I wrote up an itinerary based on an out of date Lonely Planet, my own memories and experiences, and conversations with friends and family. We also checked out where the DOC campsites were , as we wanted to tent as much as possible.  I thought I would blog about a few of the places we go in the South Island and what we get up to there.

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  1. Julie says:

    Love your blog already!! And good on you for choosing to see your own country.


  2. Kate says:

    Omg, you spelled everything wrong!!

    Lol, just kidding 😀 I found your blog, though – yay!


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