Piako in Ecuador

Piako made some very special friends in Ecuador – Julieta, Marialola and the rest of the group at Impacto Mundial who are making a difference and are interested in mission.  

Piako in Peru

Piako went to Peru and went to see the famous Machu Picchu. He was amazed by the view and loved climbing Huayana Picchu to appreciate it.        

Piako in Bolivia

Piako went to the Salar de Uyuni and watched the sun rise. He loved it!    

Piako in Chile

Piako was very brave and climbed the Volcan Villarica in Chile. He liked the snow and the beautiful views of other volcanoes.   Reuben, Karen and Piako in the snow   Piako is watching the Volcan Villarica

Piako in Brazil

Piako crossed the border into Brazil to see the Iguazu Falls. He was very impressed by the water! Piako gets deflated at Iguazu Falls

Piako in Argentina

Piako went to Argentina. He liked it a lot! He enjoyed partying in La Boca, the colourful neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.  


We arrived in Cancun at night and made our way to our hotel – a slightly stressful experience, as we couldn’t find the cheap bus and instead were followed around the airport by men who were very keen for us to use their shuttle services! We finally found a shuttle for a reasonable price and…