After a 24 hour bus ride, we arrived in the city of Cordoba. After coffee and a nap we were ready to explore, and headed out to the Jesuit Crypt, an underground crypt that was only discovered in 1989 when a telephone company was putting in wires. It was cool to see this old crypt underneath bustling streets.

Jesuit Crypt


We then went to the main square, and stumbled on the Museo de la Memoria, dedicated to the people that were arrested and executed between 1976-1983 when the country was under military rule. This was a heartbreaking museum, set in a former police station that was used to arrest and torture people.

Museo de la Memoria


After this, we went to see the Iglesia Catedral, as well as the Jesuit block of buildings. Cordoba was a really nice city just to wander in – there were buskers, pedestrian only streets, and a nice vibe. We had originally stopped here just to break up the journey to Mendoza, but wound up really enjoying it…except for the bars outside our hostel that didn’t stop playing music until 5am!

On our second day in Cordoba, we went to two different art galleries – one in an amazing building where you weren’t allowed to take photos (just Google Palacio Ferreyra if you are interested) and one which was a modern art museum. We then walked through the Park Sarmiento, then back past the Jesuit Church down to a street market. Shopping is a bit less fun when you can’t buy much (as we are trying to travel light) but it was still nice to walk through the streets of Cordoba before taking our late night bus to Mendoza.

Jesuit church


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  1. Seanie says:

    I was waiting about five hours in the Santiago airport to see you guys come over the hill (mountains) from Argentina but I couldnt wait any longer and had to catch a plane to New Zealand. Sounds like you are having fun. Catch you


  2. Kate says:

    It’s weird to think that it’s possible to lose entire underground places, but it seems to happen quite often. Cordoba sounds like a great place to be a tourist – pedestrian cities are awesome. Love the photos 🙂


  3. Lachlan says:

    Cordoba sounds like a lovely city – one that we don’t usually think to travel to. I’m now keen to take a look the next time that Nicholas and I go to Argentina.


  4. Sacha says:

    Wow….look at me commenting on your post!! This actually means I read it so that is nice. I am glad you guys are alive!!! Was worried with the earthquake in chile. You guys are in some of the most amazing places!!! I have never wanted to explore the world more!!!


  5. Julie Bunnell says:

    I like the look of Cordoba. I like the look of holiday. I really like the look of summer since we did not have one in New Zealand!


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