We had four nights staying with friends in Mosgiel, just outside of Dunedin.  I had lived in Dunedin when I was little, so I was keen to revisit some places as well as see some new things. As well as catching up with friends, some of our highlights were:

  • Walking up Baldwin St, the steepest street in the world (it’s not that long, but our legs were burning by the time we reached the top!)
  • Visiting the Cadbury chocolate factory – this was super interesting, we got lots of free samples, and got to tour the factory. Surprisingly, this probably wouldn’t be that great for children, as lots of it is learning how chocolate is made and how specific products are made, but we really enjoyed it.
  • Coffees overlooking St Clair’s beach, followed by a walk down to Tunnel Beach. This was a stunning walk, and one I used to do as a child but I had forgotten how steep this was! You walk down a hill for 20 minutes and pass through a tunnel onto the beach.  The walk back up probably takes about the same amount of time but a lot more effort.
  • A drive out onto the Peninsula – we were hoping to see albatross, but didn’t.
  • Visiting First Church
  • Strolling around the Otago University Grounds – lots of historic buildings to see
  • The Dunedin Art Gallery – their “Becoming” exhibit is fantastic, and the whole building is really interesting and beautiful
  • Visiting the Dunedin railway station – a gorgeous old building with interesting art for sale upstairs
Tunnel Beach


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Mosgiel: Dunedin’s retirement village 😀

    It was great to have you here, and I’m really glad you had a good time. You should definitely come down again, hopefully when the albatrosses are out and about instead of nesting. I can see where the seagulls aren’t quite so exciting…


  2. hayley says:

    Hey we live on Baldwin St now – a shame you couldnt stay with us here!


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